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About Uttejana

The original inspiration for Uttejana, came from our beautiful organic farm, tucked away a hundred kilometres from Bangalore, South India. Years of organic and responsible farming has exposed us to holistic living and to nature’s bounty of ingredients. As we harvested mangos, jackfruits, coconuts, and a multitude of other seeds and fruit, we learnt of their magical skin care and health benefits.

Over the years, we have become conscious not only of all the ingredients that go in to our food but also of those that go into the products that we use on our bodies and in our homes.

With our busy city lives it becomes an enourmous effort to keep our food and other consumables natural and chemical free. Couple this with plastic packaging and unclear ingredient labels, conscious living becomes a rather arduous task. With these thoughts in mind, Uttejana was born as a handcrafted initiative to make indulgent personal care products that are all natural, chemical free and earth-friendly.

Our products are kind both to your skin and to our planet. We are an ethical company, who is mindful of our responsibility to creating the finest personal care products in a sustainable and ethical way.

Our chemical free products pack in a natural luxury and are beautifully gentle. We source all our ingredents responsibly, practice zero- waste production processes.

We strongly believe that every one of us have a responsibility to be kind to our environment and be conscious of our choices.


Hand crafted

Unlike other commercially mass produced personal care products, at Uttejana we produce small batches of carefully formulated products, maintaining the highest standards of hygine and quality


All Natural

All uttejana products are made of 100 % natural ingredients. They are used in their natural form and are free of industrial and chemical processing. They do not contain any additives, colors or fragnances.

Earth Friendly

Earth friendly and Sustainable

We strive to make our products earth friendly and we practice zero waste. No plastic packaging is used. Our products do not contain any substances that are harmful to the environment. All ingredients and packaging are locally sourced and are recyclable or biodegradable.


Made with care and love. Responsibly sourced ingredients. All natural.

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